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ABUELO 12 £4.50

Añejo 12 Años Gran Reserva

Product of Panama 40%Vol.

The smoothness and complexity of this superb product will fulfil the most sophisticated and demanding palate



Product of Guyana / Jamaica 43%Vol.

Alnwick is a bold, spicy dark rum, perfect for making a big impression in cocktails and mixed drinks. Based on a recipe which was first created over 90 years ago in Northumberland, Alnwick rum is made with a blend of rums from Guyana and Jamaica, which are currently blended in Holland and bottled in Scotland. The legend of Alnwick Rum lives on!


ANGOSTURA 1824 £5.00

Premium Rum Aged Twelve Years

Product of Trinidad & Tobago 40%Vol.

The blending expertise is captured in this blend of gold rums aged for a minimum of 12 years.


ANGOSTURA 1919 £4.00

Premium Rum First Casked in 1919

Product of Trinidad & Tobago 40%Vol.

Nearly 200 years of our expertise is captured in this blend of aged rum. We believe that you will drink no smoother rum       tham Angostura 1919.



Reserve Blend Jamaica Rum 40%Vol.

This aromatic mixture contains 20 rums, 2 very rare ones. Perfect for tasting.



Rare Blend Jamaica rum 43%Vol.

The rums that make it are aged for a minimum of 12 years giving a woody character soft and robust taste.



Jamaica rum 40%Vol.

Medium sweet rum. Suitable for everyone, at any time, will make special even the most ordinary days.



Indonesia Rum 48%Vol.

Aged in oak barrels up 8 years

Blended according to an unique and secret recipe, causing fantastic rich and deep flavours, lingering on the palate.



Product of Cornwall 40%Vol.

Inspired by one of the oldest mixed rum drinks in the world.



Product of Cornwall 40%Vol.

Based on an original recipe from the 18th century, when Pirates combined rum, sugar and spices to

create the oldest Rum Cocktail.



product of Cornwall 40%Vol.

a rum blended with caramel and infused with a crash of banana. Great to sip.



Product of Cornwall 24%Vol.

A rum blended with caramel and infused with a crash of banana. Great to sip.



Product of Cornwall 24%Vol

A rum  blended with caramel and infused with a hint of coconut.



Product of Cornwall 24%Vol.

A rum blended with caramel and infused with a secret mix of tropical spices. Great to sip or with ginger beer.



Seaweed Spiced Rum Product of Wales 35% Vol. 

A blend of Caribbean rums spiced with a special, secret ingredient: Pembrokeshire laver seaweed, also know as Welshman’s caviar.



Black Spiced Rum Product of Caribean 40%Vol.

This rum is a blend of light and dark rums with a secret recipe of spice. It's a versatile rum and can be drunk neat. 



Black Gold Special Reserve Product of Jamaica 40%Vol.

A rum supreme. Darker, smoother and finer. A sipping rum or great for cocktails.


BOTRAN 18 £5.00

Anejo Rum Product of Guatemala 40%Vol.

A sophisticated ensemble of aged rums. It”s the superlative sipping rum. Ideal to enjoy neat or with one ice cube.



Ron Reserva Product of Dominican Republic 38%Vol.

A perfect dry Rums with exceptional smoothness and flavour.



Añejo Superior Aged 5 years Product of Dominican Republic 38%Vol.

It represents the top product of the company. A dry and elegant rum. Ideal for mixing.


BUMBU £4.50

Spiced Rum Product of Barbados 35%Vol.

Bumbu is masterfully blended by hand and native spices chosen from across the West Indies. It is extremely drinkable on its own, with or without ice.


BUMBU XO £5.50

Spiced Rum Product of Barbados 40%Vol.

Bumbu is masterfully distilled by hand, and finished in oak sherry casks for a delicious dept of aromas.A truly stunning rum.



Dark Rum 37.5% Vol.

Distilled and bottled in the Caribbean. An extra smooth golden coloured rum which is perfect for mixing, enjoy Ron Calados in an array of long drinks and cocktails.



Golden Rum Product of St. Vincent & The Grenadines 40%Vol.

This rum has ben honoured at many International rum Festival for its smooth character and gallant flavour.



Product of Peru 40%Vol.

Aged 18 years old Solera

It’s rich colour, complexity of aromas and flavours fade into a long and satisfying finish.



Spices Rum Product of St. Lucia 40%Vol.

This rum has been infused with authentic Caribbean spices cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla . Enjoy it with ice, or ginger beer.



Product of St. Lucia Aged 5 years 40%Vol.

This rum won Gold - Best in Class at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. It's best enjoyed  with coconut water  but can be drunk neat.



Product of Panama 54%Vol.

Well-aged rum from Panama, independently bottled by Danish bottler 1423 for its Compañero range. Ought to be great for sipping as a postprandial tipple...Tobacco, milk chocolate, orange peel, a touch of earthy tomato stem.


CORUBA £6.00

Golden Rum Product of Jamaica 40%Vol.

An extraordinary blend of the noble qualities of Jamaica Rum aged in oak for 18 years, rich, fruity.


DAMOISEAU 1995 £11.50

Product of Guadeloupe 66.9%Vol.

A 1995-vintage bottle of Rhum Vieux from Damoiseau. Matured in oak casks until it was bottled in January 2010, it is a rich and woody rum with notes of bitter dark chocolate, tart plums, spicy gingerbread and oak spice.


DAMOISEAU Les Arrangés Mango Passion £4.00

Product of Guadeloupe 30%Vol.

A fun and fruity rhum agricole-based liqueur from Damoiseau, it's Les Arrangés Mango Passion (or rather, Mangue Passion if you're feeling fancy). As you can probably see, fresh passion fruit and mango are macerated in the Guadeloupean rum - even in the bottle itself! A fruity feast, with boatloads of sweet mango and tangy passion fruit, sugar cane and just a hint of vanilla.


DAMOISEAU Les Arrangés Pineapple Victoria £4.00

Product of Guadeloupe 30%Vol.

A funky, fruit-filled (literally) rhum agricole from Damoiseau! You can probably see already, but the rum is infused with Victoria pineapple and vanilla pod, with the fruity sweetness really balancing the grassiness of the agricole rum. Most definitely a summery spirit, this one. Mellow vanilla sweetness, tangy pineapple and fresh grassy notes with a hint of spice.


DEAD MAN'S FINGERS Coconut  £3.50

Product of Cornwall 37.5Vol.

A lip-smacking spiced rum from the South West, created by the folks from The Rum & Crab Shack. This particular variation is based around the tropical flavours of coconuts, and will work wonderfully in all manner of mixed drinks.



Product of Cornwall 37.5Vol.

A variation on Dead Man's Fingers Spiced Rum (created by the folks from The Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives) based around the deliciousness of coffee. Well-suited to enjoying as a digestif after a heart meal of... Well, we suppose it would only be right for the hearty meal to consist predominantly of crab, considering its origin.



Spiced RumProduct of Cornwall 37.5%Vol.

A Caribbean Rum blended with notes of orange, nutmeg, and vanilla that warms the cockles and stirs the soul.



Product of Mexico  Aged 6 years in oak cask 40%Vol.

Medium length, with oak warmth and a touch of lemon peel. Great to sip.



Product of Colombia Aged 100 months 40%Vol.

The colour of this rum reflects the finest rum - smooth, crisp and highly palatable; ideal for sipping neat or blending in a cocktail.



Product of Colombian Aged 20 years 40%Vol.

It is very soft and round, yet big and full flavoured, a strong and a rare texture.



Reserva Exclusiva Product of Venezuela 40%Vol.

This exceptional  crafted, sipping rum offers irresistible aromas, a remarkable depth of flavour and seductive elegant finish.



Ron Extra Añejo Product of Venezuela Aged up 8 years 40%Vol.

An extraordinary blend of rare rums, for sophisticated cocktails, and can also be enjoyed by itself.



Ron Blanco Extra Añejo Product of Venezuela 47%Vol.

The unique sipping rum. Surprisingly intense for a white rum, PLANAS is a delight to the senses, with coconut and banana flavours and creamy milk chocolate finish.


DON PAPA £6.00

Product of Philippines 40%Vol.

This rum is aged for over 7 years in oak barrels before being blended to perfection. with a rich smooth taste, and just a touch of vanilla, it’s perfect straight or in your favourite cocktail.



Product of Barbados 40%Vol.

This blend of pot and column still rum from Foursquare distillery in Barbados has been matured for at least six years and finished in an oloroso sherry cask. This rum has a rich, fruity character, with notes of toffee, raisins and vanilla throughout the palate. The label features an image of the grand Hyacinth Macaw – the largest macaw in the world.



Caribbean Rum Product of Jamaica & Barbados 40%Vol.

True spirit masters and skilled in the fine art of blending, the Duppies take only the best.


EL DORADO 15 £6.00

Special Reserve Aged 15 years Product of Guyana 43%Vol.

This fine rum has exquisitely smooth, award-winning character. It's best enjoyed straight.


EL DORADO 21 Year £ 10.50

Old Special Reserve Product of Guyana 43%Vol.

Made from rums of between 21 and 25 years of age, matured in 45 gallon oak casks, within six degrees of the equator in Guyana. El Dorado 21 was awarded a Gold at the International Rum Festival 2003 in Canada and a Silver at the 2003 International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. Most remarkably, this was the highest scoring rum ever to be tasted by the Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago.

Nose: Buttery, with chocolatey notes of Rolos behind it. Ripe banana and fruity Christmas cake. Hints of tobacco and sandalwood, leading into spent match smokiness.

Palate: Sultanas, dates, blackcurrant and macadamia nuts. A touch of rosewater, too. The mid-palate brings dark chocolate and nutmeg too.

Finish: It just keeps going! There's fried banana and handfuls of raisin notes right through to the end, with just a little hint of spicy cinnamon.



Dark Rum Product of Mauritian 40%Vol.

Fantastic Rum from Emperor range, showing off exotic fruit and fresh sugarcane notes by the bucket- load. Perfect neat.



Caribbean Rum Aged 5 years Product of Antigua, West Indies 40%Vol.

This rum has established a reputation for its light body and rather elegant flavour.



Product of Belize 50.7%Vol.

This  old rum is called the sweet whiskey, cause perfect for who like enjoy Whiskey. Exciting notes of mango . Great enjoyed over ice.



Product of Nicaraguan 40%Vol.

This is fine sipping rum, with flavours like toffee apple and buttery vanilla.



Product of Nicaraguan 40%Vol.

This is a very well-aged rum. It was awarded Double Gold medals at the 2006 and 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.



Black Rum

Product of Bermuda 40%Vol.

A rich, smooth and full-bodied rum. The favourite for the DARK'N'STORMY.



Gold Rum Product of Bermuda 40%Vol.

Mellow, smooth and elegant, this rum is a home-handled blend



Black Rum Product of Bermuda 75,5%Vol

A rich, smooth and full-bodied rum. Ideal for sipping.



Rhum Agricole Product of Martinica 40%Vol.

Martinican rhum agricole from Habitation Saint-Étienne, which has been matured in bourbon barrels sourced from Kentucky and Missouri.



Product of Colombian 40%Vol.

La Hechicera is Spanish for "the enchantress"... This rum was made in Colombia and is Solera-aged rum aged for between 12 and 21 years in bourbon barrels. Very good indeed.



Product of Dominican Republic 40%Vol.

This rum shows a rich mahogany colour, smoothly capturing a complex range of flavours, from earthy sugar and dried fruit to vanilla and roasted oak.


KRAKEN £3.00

Black Spiced Rum Product of Caribbean 40%Vol.

The Kraken Rum is strong, rich, black and smooth. The perfect spiced rum.



Anejo Rum Product of Cuba 40%Vol.

A blend of different aged Cuban rums up to 6 years old, flavoured with a little Muscatel wine and married for 15 days in American oak barrels before finally being filtered through carbon and silica sand.


MALECON 18 Year Old 1998 £7.50

Product of Panama Rare Proof  51.7%Vol

This rum from Malecon was distilled all the way back in 1998, at a distillery in Panama which remains unnamed. It spent 18 long years in bourbon barrels before it was bottled in 2016 at cask strength. The higher ABV results in a full explosion of flavour on the palate.

Sweet and rich molasses, dark chocolate, caramel, raisins, dates and a delightfully nutty note, with spices emerging on the finish.



Spiced Aged Rum Product of Dominican Republic 40%Vol.

This is Matusalem's premium expression of Solera aged rum, the 23 Gran Reserva.They Solera age the majority of their rum to ensure their characteristic flavour remains the same from bottle to bottle. Which is good, because it's rather tasty indeed.


MEZAN X.O  £4.50

Extra Old Rum Product of Jamaica 40%Vol.

This rum has a surprisingly light palate that shows complex spice with hints of Tobacco. 


MILLONARO 15 £7.00

Reserva Especial Aged 15 years Product of Perú 40%Vol.

Sticky toffee pudding, dates and walnuts, molasses, dark brown sugar and vanilla spice. The finish is long, sweet and easy-going.



Aged 10 years Product of Mexico 40%Vol.

It's a smooth and velvety rum with lots of vanilla and sweetness. Ideal for sipping over ice.



Golden Rum Product of Barbados 40%Vol.

Perfectly done. Mellow and Smooth, gets you right and creates the mood. Ideal for sipping.



Product of Barbados 43%Vol.

Great flavour, rich and spicy with a hint of bourbon. Enjoy a great sipping rum.



Reserve Cask Rum Product of Barbados 43%Vol.

A very special Extra Old Rum. Full-flavoured and extremely mellow, with a lingering finish.



Original Dark 100% fine Jamaican Rum 40%Vol.

Finest full-bodied rum.



Dark Rum Product of Jamaica 40%Vol.

A superior blend of hand-selected Jamaican rums including some of the finest aged rums distilled in traditional Jamaican Pot Stills.


OLD GROG £4.50

Golden Rum Product of Grenada, West Indies 40%Vol.

Old Grog takes it's name for from the rum shipped from Grenada to England for King George III. This rum was labelled Georgius Rex Old Grenada and the abbreviation was taken to name this golden rum.


Spiced Rum Product of Caribbean 40% vol.

Original Old Rare Bottle Private Collectors Only, Found in online auction market priced over £500.

Blended with natural spices, vanilla and lime.


OLD MONK £4.00

The Legend Rum Product of India Aged 7 years 42%Vol.

It's a blended and a dark rum with a distinct vanilla flavour. A nice sweet rum



Product of Cuba 40%Vol.

Pacto Navio is a lip-smacking Cuban rum that has been finished in Sauternes casks! The name that refers to an 1815 treaty between France and Spain, and the Sauternes-cask finish is a reference to the trade ships that would leave Europe with holds packed with casks full of wine. On their way back from Cuba, the same casks would be filled with rum, allowing them to impart their intense sweetness on the spirit.



Product of Venezuela 40%Vol.

A delicious dark rum from Ron Pampero, Pampero Aniversario is made in continuous stills in Venezuela. It's full, rich and very fruity.



Dark Spiced Rum Product of UK 40%Vol.

this is rum that has been blended with various spices, such as vanilla, cloves, and flamed orange peel, to help accentuate the rum's flavour profile. 



Single Estate Product of Mauritius 40%Vol.

Infused with natural Bourbon vanilla, local orange peel and floral orchid petals.



Aged 5 years Product of Honduras 37.5%Vol.

Aged in bourbon barrels with flavours of raisin, butterscotch and vanilla.


Product of Republic Dominican 40%Vol.

A rather classy rum from the Dominican Republic, created in the style of Cuban rum. It was matured in a Solera, resulting in a well-oaked though pleasantly sweet tipple.



Product of Mexico 40%Vol.

A solera aged rum from El Ron Prohibido, “The Forbidden Rum”. This complex Mexican rum is distilled from molasses, and the oldest spirit in the bottle is around 15 years old. We have to say, the bottle is very cool too.



Product of Guyana 54.5%Vol.

Full bodied, smooth and a lovely, long lasting after taste. Can be drunk with ice in your favourite glass.



Product of Caribbean 40%Vol.

Pyrat is masterfully blended to be elegant, smooth and delicious. Enjoy the rich taste neat with a lemon twist.



Product of Caribbean 37.5%Vol.

A rich and dark rum from Rebellion, made for mixing and with enough flavour to shine through even in the heaviest of cocktail.



Spiced Rum Product of Caribbean37.5%Vol.

This rum is a blend of Caribbean rum and exotic spices that uniquely captures the flavour and history of the Caribbean, it's rum, it's spices... And it's pirates.


RED LEG £3.00

Spiced Rum Product of Caribbean 37.5%Vol.

A spiced rum infused with Jamaica vanilla, ginger and spices left to rest in. Oak barrels creating a smooth tasting rum with a hint of sweet spice.



Spiced Rum Aged 3 years Product of Trinidad and Barbados 35%Vol.

Rolling Calf spiced is menacingly rich, dark, full bodied, and made with authentic Caribbean rums. Infused with spices, vanilla and lime.



American Liqueurs Product of USA 15%Vol.

This is a liqueur made with real dairy cream, blended with a unique mix of premium Caribbean rum, vanilla, cinnamon and other exotic flavours.



Spiced Rum Product of Caribbean 46.2%Vol.

It's crafted from extraordinary rum infused with the finest orange peel, thick and juicy bourbon vanilla pods, exotic spices and cane sugar.


RYOMA 7 YEARS  £6.50

Product of Japan 40%Vol.

When you think of rum, what's the first country that comes to mind? That's right, Japan! Well that's exactly where this Ryoma 7 year old rum is from. It's full of rich vanilla and caramel notes that fans of Caribbean rum will find familiar and delicious.



Spiced Rum Product of Caribbean 40%Vol.

This spiced rum has a rich, smooth taste characterised by top notes of vanilla and oak with hints of clove and cinnamon spices. More than anything else.


R. L. SEALE’S 10 YEARS £5.00

Product of Barbados 46%Vol.

An excellent rum aged for 10 years before bottling. A wonderfully designed bottle, containing a wonderful rum packed with juicy fruit, nutty spice and lingering floral elements.


SANTA TERESA 1796 £5.00

Ron Antiguo de Solera Product of Venezuela 40%Vol.

A unique, old rum, with a bouquet full of aromas, elaborated with care and attachment to tradition for more than two centuries of history. Ideal for sipping.



S.B.S Brazil/Barbados – a marriage of Southamerican and Caribbean rum. This is one of the more experimentative single barrel editions. The rum received a Moscatel finish making a very interesting outturn.52% Vol.



Made in 2013 at a mystery distillery in Cuba, this single cask rum has been matured for five years and finished in a Pedro Ximenez cask, before being bottle by World Class Spirits in March 2019 for its 1423 Single Barrel Selection range.50% Vol.




This 2008-vintage Mauritian rum from The 1423’s Single Barrel Selection series has been matured for 10 years in a single cask, and finished in an ex-port cask. Made at Grays distillery on Mauritius, this rum has a strong port influence on the nose; ripe pears, red berries, rich fruitcake and sweet almonds mingling together. The palate offers notes of orchard fruits initially, developing into ripe grapes and dark berries.55.7% Vol.



S.B.S Barbados 2008 is a molasses based rum, which is distilled by Foursquare Distillery. It comes from a single cask, which yielded 371 bottles.55% Vol.



Dark Rum Product of Guyana 40%Vol.

It's still a blend of 7 dark rums, all aged for at least 3 years which is really rather rare for the Navy style.



Premium Rum 40%Vol. 

Produced in Georgetown, St Vincent, Sparrow's is a tasty dark rum made from West Indian sugar cane and aged in oak barrels.



Overproof Rum Product of Austria 80% Vol.

Immensely potent super-strength version of the cult Austrian favourite. Delicious in coffee and commonly added to desserts as well as cocktail. We recommend not drinking neat - please enjoy with some ice or a mixer of your choice.



Product of Cayman Islands 40%Vol.

These distinctively elegant, small batched rums are distilled in the Cayman Islands and now you can enjoy blending and bottling your own rum.


WOOD's £ 4.00

Old  Demerara Navy Rum Product of Guyana 57%Vol.

Wood's is the only Demerara navy rum still bottled at 57% ABV. Made using traditional pot stills it's a smooth dark rum with punchy notes of brown sugar and thick toffee.


WRAY & NEPHEW  £6.50

White Overproof Rum Product of Jamaica 63%Vol.

Notes of molasses and spice. The palate is fruity and a little spicy. There are notes of banana and Demerara as well as spice and a little oak. The bottle says "please enjoy neat". We would rather you enjoy it in a cocktail.



Solera Gran Reserva Especial Aged 6 - 25 years Product of Guatemala 40%Vol.

Keynote: a perfectly balanced combination of sweetness, spice, fruit and spirit, a connoisseur's delight and the ultimate expression of the Master Blender's art.


ZACAPA 23 £7.00

Solera Gran Reserva Aged 6 - 23 years Product of Guatemala 40%Vol.

Keynote: Wonderfully intricate with honeyed butterscotch, spiced oak and raisin end fruit, showcasing the complexity of the Solera system ageing process. Best enjoy on a single large lump of pure, clear ice in a luxury glass.



Solera Gran Reserva Aged 6 - 23 years Product of Guatemala 43%Vol.

This has been aged in double charred American oak barrels, resulting in smoky elements coming through the thick brown sugar and chocolate notes.

Plantation Trinidad 1997 (70cl, 45.2%) £8.00

Bottling Note

A great single cask rum from Plantation, this began its life in Trinidad back in 1997. It spent the first 15 and a half years of tropical ageing in bourbon casks, before it was moved to age in a cooler climate for the next six years in Ferrand casks. Before it was bottled, it spent four months in casks which previously held peated Kilchoman whisky! It was finally bottled at 45.2% ABV, boasting an aromatic smoky flavour profile amidst the tropical fruit.

Tasting Note by The Pirates

Tinned peaches, tart grape and distinct notes of starfruit, roasted coffee bean, chai latte, barley sugar and a faint whisper of smoke.


Plantation Panama 1992 (70cl, 51.1%) £11.00

Rum and whiskey join forces in yet another brilliant rum from Plantation's Single Cask range, this one was distilled in Panama in 1992. It spent the majority of its ageing in a bourbon cask in the Caribbean, and after 25 years it was moved to France to be aged for one and a half years in a Ferrand cask. Those Plantation folks decided that wasn't quite enough, and for its six months it was whacked into a cask which previously held Teeling single malt Irish whiskey to finish!

Tasting Note by The Pirates

Lots of juicy fruit initially, with orange, jammy berries, apricot and orchard fruit, supported by a fresh and earthy grassy undertone. Chocolate develops alongside floral malt, baking spice, namely clove, with lemon curd on the finish.

Plantation Fiji 2009 (70cl, 44.8%) £6.00

A 2009 vintage Fijian rum from the Plantation range, produced by the South Pacific distillery and bottled as part of the Plantation range. It was initially matured in bourbon casks for 7 years before being shipped over to France for a for a finishing period in Cognac casks for a further 2 years.

Tasting Note by The Pirates

Buttery vanilla, soft caramel, toasted coconut and pineapple.

Plantation Jamaica 2005 (70cl, 45.2%) £6.50

Jamaican rum from the Plantation range, made with a blend of spirits from the Long Pond and Clarendon distilleries, matured in bourbon casks for 12 years before moving over to Ferrand Cognac casks for a year before bottling.

Tasting Note by The Pirates

Mocha, Turkish delight floral top notes, fresh banana and a touch of melted butter.


Plantation Barbados 2005 (70cl, 42.8%) £6.50

A molasses rum from Barbados, produced from both pot and column stills at the West Indies Rum Distillery in 2005. It then spent the next 11 years ageing in the Caribbean in a bourbon cask, followed by around another two years of ageing in France in Ferrand Cognac casks. Finally it was bottled up by the wonderful Plantation. Fun fact: on the label you can see the Morgan Lewis mill, the last active sugar cane mill on the island.

Tasting Note by The Pirates

Caramelised almond, fresh mint leaves, orange marmalade and orange chocolate, buttery croissant and vanilla shortbread sprinkled with sugar.


Plantation Peru 2004 (70cl, 43.5%) £6.00

Peruvian rum, bottled as part of the rather brilliant Plantation range. This one comes from Destilerias Unidas S.A. de Peru and was distilled in 2004. It was initially matured for 12 years before being moved to France for a finishing period of two years in Cognac casks. Intriguing and spicy stuff.

Tasting Note by The Pirates

Buttered malt loaf, nutmeg, red chilli, Yum-Yums, fresh mango.


Plantation Panama 2004 (70cl, 42%) £6.00

An independent bottling of rich, spicy 2004 vintage rum from Panama, presented as part of the Plantation Rum range. Enjoy neat or over ice to enjoy the full-bodied flavour profile, which pairs sweet simmering spices with notes of fresh vanilla pod and a whiff of smoke.


Plantation Trinidad 2008 (70cl, 42.4%) £6.00

From the wonderful Plantation range comes this 2009 vintage Trinidad rum. The single cask bottling was produced in a column still from molasses, and saw seven years of ageing in the Caribbean in bourbon casks, and finally the liquid was treated to a finish in both Ferrand Cognac casks and Pineau des Charentes barrels, each for one year. The result is a fruity, flowery and refreshing rum.

Tasting Note by The Pirates

Loads of tropical fruit, namely pineapple and mango, alongside white stone fruits and a drizzle of honey. Oak spice builds alongside vanilla and sugared almonds, with a dash of lime.


Long Pond 1996 Product of Jamaica 56.2%Vol.

Sometimes Plantation find a barrel in his cellar that is simply perfect in its natural taste. This perfect elisir was distilled in 1996  it was 21 years in Bourbon casks in Jamaica and an extra 1 year in Ferrand casks in France. Solid sour tropical fruit notes with cloves, drips of Apple Vinegar that keep molasses in check from being too sweet nor syrupy. Charmingly bright and light but not weak. More sweet floral scents developed with plum and lasting. This rum have a unique taste and its a very Limited Edition.



Artisanal Rum Product of Guyana, Barbados & Jamaica 69%Vol.

Color: rich red mahogany

Nose: intense and very precise notes of coffee, orange, plum, jam and truffle

Taste: it bursts with caramel cream, chocolate and vanilla notes. It continues on with cinnamon, raisins, nutmeg, oak and molasses with smoky accents.

Final: long and lingering with dark chocolate, clove and caramel.

Empty glass: rich Demerara Molasses notes, oak and plum.



Artisanal Rum Product of Jamaica, Barbados & Trinidad 41.2%Vol.

Tasting Notes: Keenly vibrant and well-balanced, Plantation 3 Strars displays the finesse and style of Trinidad and Barbados well integrated with the character and fuller flavours of Jamaica. On the nose it has delicate notes of tropical fruits intertwined with brown sugar and ripe banana. On the palate it displays subtle spices and floral notes with a finish of sugar cane and vanilla.



Product of Barbados 40%Vol.

A handsomely presented decanter-style bottle of Plantation Extra Old rum from Barbados . The rum is initially aged in the Caribbean in ex-bourbon casks and a second maturation is in small French oak casks.

Nose: Hints of spicy oak on the nose, with guava, a little desiccated coconut and dried banana. Buttery.

Palate: Spiced, creamy palate entry, with sweet vanilla notes and caramel. Oak spices.

Finish: Caramel. Toasted oak.



Product of Barbados 40%Vol.

Nose: the opening nosing round is all about baking shop fragrances, in particular brown sugar, honey, dark caramel, candied almonds, but also pipe tobacco, toasted marshmallow; secondary whiffs after further aeration discover bacon fat, lard, black raisin, prune; lots of aromatic activity here.

Palate: entry is bittersweet caramelised onion-like, baked, biscuity, roasted; mid palate is engagingly toasty, nearly fruity, as in baked orchard fruits, and resins. Finishes medium ong, bittersweet, chocolate.



Double aged: 11 years Bourbon cask & 24 months Pierre Ferrande Cask

Product of Barbados 42%Vol.

Nose: Aristocratic nose that is a vibrant tribute to exotic fruits and spices: ripped banana gives way to dried pineapple, mango, cinnamon, cardamom and  curry.

Palate: Full of personality with aromas of nougat, mint chocolate, candied walnut on the first palate evolving to candied orange, vanilla and pastries with a sweet and biscuity finish.



Original Dark Double aged

Product of Trinidad & Jamaica 40%Vol.

Tasting notes: Plantation Original Dark rum is a delightful expression that delivers rich, warm tones of authentic Caribbean spirit. This well- balanced  blend is wonderful when sipped on ice. It's also highly recommended for cocktails worthy of a full-bodied rum component.



Product of Guatemala & Belize 42%Vol.

Nose: Rich nose with beautiful sherry notes and a touch of roast spices.

Palate: Rich and well structured, developing fine notes of old port, finishing on persistent aromas of Virginia tobacco, liquorice and lovely oaky notes.



Double aged: 7 years Bourbon casks & 24 months Pierre Ferrande cask

Product of Guyana 45%Vol.

Nose: We like the tastiness of the initial aroma as well as the saline/sea breeze quality of it; secondary whiffs pick up faint hints of dried sage, new leather, dried flowers, sea salt, dark caramel.

Palate: Entry is lusciously sweet, honeyed, brown sugar-like, intense; mid palate turns spicy, tangy, rich in texture, more bittersweet than sweet. Perfect alcohol level for dark rum, which ensures grip and structural substance.




Product of Guyana 44.8%Vol.

Nose : Complex, it starts on an ultra anejo tequila profile with cooked agave, lemon juice, lime peel, pepper, toasted almond, vanilla, pecan nut and then evolves on persimmon, nougat, date, mango and ginseng.

Palate : Fat and full, it follows the nose with a tad oakier and balsamic profile at first. Thereafter it evolves on cocoa, olive, cloves, tar, raisins and toffee notes with some saltiness.

Finish : Very long on molasses, tobacco and liquorice.



Double aged: 10 years Bourbon casks & 18 months Pierre Ferrande cask

Product of Nicaragua 42%Vol.

Nose: Delicate, it's start with both floral and lightly woody notes, with honey and cane syrup in the background. Then it become progressively more fruity and spicy with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon zest notes.

Palate: Creamy texture and bittersweet taste, It possesses a beautiful structure with vanilla in the foreground followed by caramel, pepper, cinnamon, tobacco, hazelnut and tropical fruits.



Product of Trinidad and Tobago 40% Vol.

Tasting notes: A rich and delicious bouquet, accented by smoky notes and aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, citrus peel, and a touch of clove. The palate opens with a structured, pleasant sensation of ripe banana, pineapple, and spices layered in a smoky finish.



Double ageing: 8 years Bourbon casks & 4 years Pierre Ferrande cask

Product of Trinidad 42%Vol.

Aroma: Citrus fruit layered with peach and mango introduce an intense sensation. Flowering honey soon emerges from a lightly wooded field of nutmeg and lightly peppered notes.

Flavour: Rising fruit notes create a citrus explosion of lemon and pear. Grilled almond, popcorn and paprika complete the evolution.

Finished glass: Peach, pepper and honey.




Product of Jamaica 43%Vol.

Nose : Very complex, slightly smoky and meaty with fruity, herbal and sour notes building up. Next vanilla come forward, almost pastry-like, with cooked banana, bitter orange peel.

Taste: feature Jamaican hobo, with concentrated flavours of ripe bananas and roasted pineapple. the multifaceted nose and palate contrasts slightly smoky notes with fruity, herbal and dry aromas.

With Xaymaica Special Dry, Plantation returns to the origins of Jamaica rum, in their pungent, complex intensity. This is a true Jamaican rum: using 100% copper pot stills for distillation yields a classic spirit -the pride of Jamaica.Jamaican Rums resulting in high concentrations of fruity and aromatic elements in powerful, expressive rums. Xaymaca Special Dry is an excellent tasting rum, to be enjoyed like a great dry whisky or with a large ice cube and even a splash of pure water to reveal its smoky aromas.

It is also delicious in cocktails.



The Multi Island XO is a blend of rums from West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados, which Plantation now owns, and Long Pond and Clarendon Distilleries in Jamaica, both of which they partially own. This allows them more creative control over the whole process than they have with their releases from other distilleries, from the recipe (or “marque”) to the aging. This particular blend is very full bodied, with a hint of that classic Jamaican fruit and funk element, some white pepper and tobacco, and a nice crisp sweetness imparted by the finish in barrels that previously held Coteaux du Layon, a lightly sweet French white wine.

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